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The Transport Select Committee has urged the government not to ignore safety concerns regarding ‘all lane running’, where the hard shoulder is converted into a running lane.

The UK government has signalled that it could step in to financially support the Londonderry to London air route following the announcement that current operator Ryanair is to stop serving the route at the end of March 2017.

The RMT union has confirmed that Virgin Trains East Coast workers will stage a 24 hour strike on Monday 3 October.

The train Coradia iLint, created by French company Alstom, gets its energy from combining hydrogen stored in tanks with oxygen in the air.

All members of the UN Security Council agreed that more should and could be done to improve aviation security across the world.


What role will electric vehicles, renewable energy and smart grids play in the ever‑transitioning 21st century city? Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, investigates

Innovation and supportive policy over the last decade has transformed the bus sector from being a part of the problem of poor urban air quality to being an important part of the solution.

Henrik Anderberg, director of High Speed Rail Industry Leaders, looks at why High Speed Rail is essential to UK economy and provides an update on its progress