London Mayor trials new colour scheme to simplify bus network

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to make London buses as easy to use as the Underground.

In order to do this, Khan is trialling a “Tube-style” approach to bus travel by giving routes distinct colours like the tubes currently have.

Individual routes have been given their own distinct colour, and links to other TfL services have been clearly identified in a new approach that will give passengers travel information in a similar way to the Tube.

The buses and stop signs will be marked in their identifiable colours and the main destinations and interchanges will be listed on the side of the buses.

Khan hopes this will simplify using the bus network in local areas as passengers will be able to tell, at a glance, where the bus will go.

A new trial of this innovative approach has begun in east London where more than 60 red buses are being given their own splash of colour to mark seven different routes.

Khan, said: “It’s no secret that London’s bus service has always been close to my heart, and I’m working hard to make it as accessible, affordable and easy to use as possible for all.

“By bringing these new distinctive route colours to areas of the network, we’re making it as easy to navigate areas of London by bus as it is by Tube.

"It’s another key part in our efforts to encourage Londoners to take to the bus and help us tackle congestion, air pollution and make our city better for everyone.”

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